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OMG please don't listen to anyone that tells you that you can get by with never pumping your tank!!! You've gotten some very bad to terrible advice so far so I hope you'll listen to a reasonable answer.

Tanks need to be pumped every 5-7 years no matter what ANYONE tells you about how long they've gone in their situation. My dad was of the mindset that, if everything was flowing, his tank was fine. Boy was that ever wrong!!!! He went about 30 years like one of the answers here implies is okie-dokie to do. Oh my what a terrible mistake...

Because he had never had it pumped the solids eventually completely filled the tank and then began to flow into the drain field. That plugged up his drain field and that had to be dug up and repaired after the tank was pumped. I was standing right there when the septic guy uncovered his tank and opened the lid. Because it had never been serviced the sludge/solids had congealed into a thick grey paste and were right up against the bottom of the lid! A tank should NEVER be in that kind of condition. It was pumped out and there after properly maintained.

Don't believe ANYONE who tells you the solids break down blah blah blah and you won't ever need to have it pumped. They don't know what they're talking about! Period!! Yes the solids in a properly working tank DO breakdown however, those solids then become sludge that settles to the bottom of the tank. Eventually the sludge fills the tank and begins to move into the drain field and then you've got even BIGGER problems. That sludge MUST be removed every 5-7 years to keep the system working properly.

Don't buy into all the hocus-pocus remedies that you can pour down the drain either. That's a bunch of bunk!! Use your system properly and don't be dumping tank drainfield anything into it that shouldn't be there and you'll be fine as long as it is pumped on a regular basis.

Here are some links to some very good info on how to take care of your system. I skimmed some of this and I necessarily agree about their time tables for pumping but overall this is good advice. Pumping more frequently than 3 years is wasteful and over kill but beyond 7 years and you are flirting with trouble.

I completely understand not being able to come up with the cash to take care of this, I really do... However, if this goes to the point of ruining the drain field you're going to have to pay a LOT more than simply having it pumped. Try calling around to several pumping services and see how they're prices compare and see if anyone would allow you to make payments possibly. It would even be wise to see if a bank could make you a short term loan to get this done to avoiding a disaster.

Please don't think a 15 year old tank is old lol. That's is practically brand new for a tank!

Good luck to you and I hope this helps!


10/27/2015 06:41:40

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